Introduction to My Personal Dblog

Hi all,

I created my first personal blog thanks to @engrave
This post will be the first and the introduction post of my blog.

I am going to categorize my blog based on Hive, Steem, and Bitradio blockchains.

The vast majority of my content will be about Hive as I gave up using Steem actively. However, I have been playing Drugwars since the first day. My posts will be about the strategies and experiences of the game.

For now, the categories will be like that

  • Hive
  • Steem
  • Drugwars
  • Bitradio
  • Appics
  • Actifit

In Hive section, I will be posting on my delegations, my criteria to upvote a post, technical analysis based on the price actions and personal experiences. Briefly, all the actions will be there :)
By the way, I look forward to playing the games based on Hive blockchain.

In Steem section, my current delegations and my future plans on Steem coin will be explained. Even though I do not use the platform actively, I could not give up using it yet. Alas, I guess it's because I had been using actively for nearly 3 years before I lost my previous account. However, I do not foresee a bright future for Steem and Steemit.

In Bitradio section, I will introduce you my lovely favorite coin which is BRO :) Nearly no one uses it anymore. However, it's an incredible place. When you listen to the radio, you are paid in coin. The logic is promising but the number of active users is too low and the platform is far away from its real value. Currently, I own 43 master nodes on the platform. You can run your master node as well since it's highly cheap.

I will not explain what am I going to write about Appics and Actifit as they are excellent projects with promising apps. Thanks to these kinds of dApps, the adaptation of blockchain will be smoother. I really appreciate their efforts.

One more thing, You are awesome guys @engrave
I had the intention to create my own blog based on blockchain. Thanks to @taskmaster4450 's post I saw your project and I joined. I advice you to cast a glance to this project.

I am open to your suggestions. If you want to comment on, do not hesitate :)