Monetary Aspect of Bitradio Platform

Bitradio is a platform based on Bitradio Blockchain (BRO). The Algorithm of the chain is Proof of Stake. However, besides common PoS concept, the users are paid in BRO coins when they listen to the radio on


I will not explain what is Bitradio in detail as my previous post was about it.You can learn more about Bitradio from there. I want to handle the monetary aspect of the platform.

  • What kind of services provided by the platform?
    • How can we utilize the services?
  • What are the incentives?

  • What are the long & short term benefits?

Initially, even though the blockchain keeps operating, there is novolume in exchanges. People do not think BRO coin is worth buying or selling while there are several projects with high volumes in which they have a higher possibility to take profit. So, the coin has a few dollars volume for some time.

However, I do not think the coin is for short term profits. For several months, the price fluctuated between 80 and 200 satoshis. One can easily sell at 200 satoshis the coins earn by listening to the radio. Yet, it does not make that much money. Honestly, it does not worth it.

When the previous bull-run reminded, such coins should be served until those days. I've been in the crypto ecosystem for more than three years and I had chance to observe new crypto investors/speculators common profiles. These newcomers are always in search of earning easy money. That's to say, they saw that people made money and they try to find ways to break a leg without effort.

Newcomers in a bull-run invest in

  • Ponzi and high return promising unrealistic projects
  • the most popular altcoins as BTC too high
  • a project they can earn cryptocurrency or token online (doesn't matter if it creates value or not)
  • cryptocurrencies with low sats; working projects.

The last 2 statements are related to our project that we mention.
I find it logical to buy master node share and increase the number of shares until a promising bull run.

As I stated earlier, you can buy masternode shares when they are available. There are a limited number of working masternode shares. I compile them whenever someone sells.

You can buy a share for 2.5 BRO coins and get masternode earning per month. Here is my table of earnings.

One of the most advantageous parts of having shares is that you liquidate it whenever you want just for %0,5 fee. Assuming that you catch a huge pump, you can liquidate and sell it in seconds.


For short term benefits, you can buy & sell as you do in many assets. Since there is a low volume, you can buy it at a very low price.

For long term benefits, you are paid monthly masternode earning with shares as well as earning coins by listening to the radio.
I choose to wait for new buyers in a "real" bull-run.

For now, the strategy that I apply is to earn coins by turning on the radio and investing in masternode shares. By doing so, both I can support a living legend blockchain and have fun while growing the portfolio. There is no way to earn millions of dollars from such a system. I deal with it as if it's one of my hobbies. Yet, I'm aware of the fact that there will be demand for such platform by the newcomers.

I wanted to highlight this aspect of the platform depending on my observations. I believe that a global crisis is on the way. Money will one way or another be spent on crypto assets. Now I think we have an opportunity to support and get promising results from an oldy blockchain project.

Thx @oxoskva
Thank you for allocating your precious time to read my manifest :)

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